Catalonia lost 1,117 self-employed in 2022a fall of 0.2%, according to a study by the Association of Self-Employed Workers (ATA). Specifically, self-employed workers went from 558,654 in December 2021, to 557,537 in the last month of 2022.

    The drop in self-employed workers in Catalonia was driven by the decrease registered in the Lleida demarcation, where 631 people registered in the special regime for self-employed workers (RETA) were lost, 1.7% less.

    Barcelona and Girona lead the fall

    In Barcelona they also decreased, but to a lesser extent -0.2%, to 716 people-. On the contrary, in Girona they increased by 0.3 (197 people) and in Tarragona by 0.1% (33 people). The trend registered in Catalonia followed the line of the State average.

    According to the ATA, 2022 was a “bad year” due to the affiliation of the self-employed, since 1,204 self-employed workers were lost, according to the latest figures published by the Social Security. The president of the ATA, Lorenzo Amor, has assured that it is about lto “worst figure” in absolute terms since 2012that is, of the last decade.

    Only 5 regions went up

    By communities, the self-employed they only rose in Andalusia (+0.3%), the Balearic Islands (+1.9%), the Valencian Community (+0.6%), the Canary Islands (+2.8%) and Madrid (+0.5%). On the contrary, the most pronounced decreases were registered in La Rioja (-1.9%), Castilla y León (-1.5%) and Galicia and Asturias (-1.4%, respectively).

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    By sectors, in the State as a whole the most affected were trade, 2.6% less; the hostelry, with a drop of 1.1%; and the industry (-1.3%). It is also noteworthy that the self-employed engaged in financial activities fell by 1.5%. On the contrary, real estate increased (+4.2%), communication (+3.8%) and health activities (+3.7%).

    By gender, it is worth noting that women affiliated to RETA increased by 0.6% in the State, that is, 7,816 more; while men fell by 0.4% (-9,022).