Catalans, Valencians and the Balearic Islands repeat in a Second RFEF that already has dates

06/28/2023 at 00:48


The RFEF made public the composition of the five groups. In the 3, they continue the same but without Aragonese clubs

The first day will be the weekend of September 2 and 3 and the last one, the 34th, that of May 4 and 5

Catalan Second Federation clubs you already know their rivals next season. As expected, they have all been included in group 3 and will share the league with the Valencians and the Balearic Islands. The novelty is that this time the Aragonese have gone to group 2.

The teams from Catalonia are the majority, having up to eight representatives: Badalona Futur, Cerdanyola, Espanyol B, Europe, Lleida Esportiu, Manresa, Sant Andreu and Terrassa. They are joined by seven Valencian teams (Atlético Saguntino, Andratx, La Nucía, Hércules, Torrent, Alzira and Valencia Mestalla) and three Balearic teams (Formentera, Penya Deportiva Santa Eulalia and Peña Independiente).

The promoted Europa and Sant Andreu replace the relegated Olot and Prat while Cerdanyola returns after his ‘exile’ in group 5 before by covering the Talavera square.

The only one promoted compared to last year, Teruel, has been ‘changed’ by the relegation of La Nucía. Those who went down to the Third Federation (Ibiza Islas Pitiusas, Mallorca B and Ebro) are no longer there, while Andratx and Peña Independiente are two of the other new faces.

key dates

Likewise, the RFEF announced this Tuesday that the first day will be the weekend of September 2 and 3 and the last, the 34th, on May 4 and 5. The play-offs will be the semifinals on May 11-12 and 18-19 and the finals on May 25-26 and June 1-2. The schedule itself will be known in the coming days.