CATALÀ DE L’ANY 2023 | The abracadabra party in honor of the Magician Pop fills the temple of Barcelona design with famous faces (actors, musicians, influencers, presenters and tiktokers)

While outside the normal cold of November was finally felt and the city began to smell of that humidity that precedes the – so desired, hopefully! – rain, inside the Disseny Hub Barcelona the weather was very pleasant and festive, and they even floated Particles of pure magic in the environment. Not in vain last night the 21st edition of Català de l’Anywhich EL PERIÓDICO has organized since 2001 and which this year has gone to Antonio Díaz, the famous Pop Magicianthe highest-grossing illusionist in the world, according to ‘Forbes’, and the best in history, for many critics, whose art has crossed borders, and has even made a splash on Broadway with his show ‘Nothing is Impossible’.

And some 300 personalities from all walks of life attended such a magical conclave: the staff of Prensa Ibérica, publisher of this newspaper, with Javier Mollits president at the helm, and his children, Ainhoa ​​Molleditorial director of Prensa Ibérica, and Aitor Moll, the editorial CEO. On behalf of EL PERIÓDICO, Albert Saezits director, and Gemma Martínez, deputy director. From the world of politics, they have come from the mayor of Barcelona, Jaume Collbonito the one in Badalona, Xavier García Albiolexultant after the inauguration of his Christmas ‘super tree’, and, of course, Eva Minor, the mayor of Badia del Vallès, a town where the honoree was born 37 years ago. Also, political representatives, such as the leader of the PSC, Salvador Illaand the executive vice president of the AMB and mayor of Cornellà de Llobregat, Antonio Balmón. The writer walked timidly along the carpet. Carmen Rieraand a Català de l’Any with tradition, the incomparable actor and theater director Josep Maria Pou.

Night out

And from the side of the tables and the stages that the magician knows so well, came actors, singers, journalists, presenters, some international athletes, as well as the most fashionable Catalan influencers and tiktokers. The entire showbiz.

As if by magic they came almost all the famous people in black, which is the color of these festive events. Although no ‘revenge dress’ like the low-cut Schiaparelli that Rosalía wore at the Latin Grammys singing for ‘the greatest’ was seen, there were vertigo-inducing ‘looks’, like those of the ‘Entrevías’ actress Nona Sobo, clad in a midnight black model full of openings and on ‘couture’ sandals by YSL. Also the ‘influencer’ Irina Soldevila She opted for a ‘total black’ outfit with an asymmetrical neckline.

He didn’t miss his colleague’s party. Mag Larinor the singer Giselawho arrived arm in arm with her boyfriend, Jose Angel Ortega. In the ‘photocall’ she half-opened her camel coat, hinting at a bit of a tummy, since the ‘extriumphant’ is already 4 and a half months pregnant. “I feel good and I’m going on tour this Christmas with my Disney song show,” she explained to this newspaper before starting the gala.

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Roger Padillafrom the series ‘Faggot Lost’, chose white, like the actress Anna Bertran, super elegant with a two-piece frock coat with a satin train. The very young actress from Barcelona Carla Quílez15 years old, who last year won the Silver Shell for best female performance in San Sebastián for ‘La maternal’ also arrived enthusiastic, dressed in a leather jacket and with a new series for Netflix under her arm.

After the speeches came dinner, in which the two covers by Carles Gaiga classic cannelloni with truffle, and some meatballs with cuttlefish.