Cashmere sweater, how to match? 5 original outfits

TO we address him as if we were talking to a long-time confidant. The cashmere sweater crew neck, for friends cashmerino, is the stainless piece of the cold season, to be dusted off at the slightest gust of wind. Yes, because nothing like the most precious of sweaters is able to give us a good dose of comfort and warmth.

October outfits: 5 elegant looks to copy immediately

To gradually get used to the new climate, given that its yarn is a excellent thermoregulator. But also to follow the new trends, which see our dear “Linus blanket” increasingly protagonist, thanks to the Quiet Luxury craze that is all the rage. Here are 5 ideas updated for 2023 to match the simple smooth cashmere sweater, a classic ally of the autumn and winter months, alone or in layering style.

With the trendy long skirt

An idea of ​​luxury discreetbased on quality materials and high-quality manufacturing, is the basis for following the latest trend of minimalism.

Nothing fits into this trend like the cashmere sweater: to make it current, just focus on an up-to-date piece in the combination, such as the long skirt in vogue. Better if in denim, the coolest model of the moment, to also enhance the traditional black crew-neck sweater.

Cashmere sweater and long denim skirt, for an up-to-date autumnal look (Photo: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images).

Leather jacket + jeans

A modern combination, which sees the crew-neck cashmere sweater combined with the leather jacket and straight jeans. The addition of the men’s shirt adds an extra layer, for those who don’t like wearing a sweater next to their skin. For a youthful college style.

The college-style layered outfit to copy with the cashmere sweater (Photo: Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images).

The sweater over his shoulders

Among the trends for the next Spring-Summer 2024, the styling trick of sweater worn on the shoulders it’s a detail to copy this season too. The advice is to focus on a sweater in a vivid color, to light up the total black outfit or play on neutrals. Knotted or loose: easy and effective.

Among the trends of the moment, wearing a sweater over your shoulders: a stylish detail (Photo: Gotham/GC Images).

Neutral on tailored trousers

Instead of a shirt or jacket. The neutral cashmere pullover is ideal to wear as a substitute for tailored trousers. Emphasize the waist with a leather belt, the accent to copy, as well as earrings with pearls that give an extra touch of elegance.

To enhance the neutral cashmere sweater, a pair of tailored trousers and pearl earrings (Photo: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images).

Under a jacket, but with a cardigan

The cashmere sweater can also be transformed into a cool under jacket, especially if worn exposed with the cardigan open. The most glamorous twin set seasonal, to be copied to elevate the daily look with moccasins, brogues or lace-ups.

The twin-set of the moment, with the pullover under the cardigan: for an updated vintage style (Photo: Claudio Lavenia/Getty Images).

The pinstriped trousers go perfectly with this combination, to underline the idea vintage chicas well as the old-fashioned trunk bag.