Caroline van der Plas lashes out at Tim Hofman: ‘He is God’s gift!’

Caroline van der Plas is starting to get quite annoyed with the slightly too big pants that Tim Hofman puts on, according to her. “Tim, God’s gift to mankind“, the tractor diva calls him mockingly.

© Annemieke van der Togt, Op1

It’s no secret that Tim Hofman hates anything that isn’t progressive enough in his eyes. The presenter of BNNVARA frequently intervenes in the political debate via the social medium X and in doing so he exerts a lot of influence. He has almost 300 thousand followers there, in addition to his almost 600 thousand followers on Instagram.


At the beginning of the week, Tim also commented on the short interview that Caroline van der Plas gave on location to Op1. She could not properly explain why people would vote for her and not for Pieter Omtzigt. “Yeah, you know, it’s hard for me to say. I am a very pleasant woman, which is always nice.”

Tim calls it an ‘uncomfortable moment with Van der Plas faltering’. Nonsense, says GeenStijl journalist Nijman. He writes: “Wonderfully honest, isn’t it? What you see is what you get. And I think she will be really relieved if the growth goes from 1 to 18 and not from 1 to 28. Continuity in smaller steps.”

God’s gift

Caroline thinks it’s lame that Tim immediately dismisses her honesty as ‘uncomfortable’. She sneered: “Thus Tim, God’s gift to mankind.”

And political analyst Chris Aalberts is surprised about that: “Caroline only reported that she is so against personal attacks.”

Tim doesn’t think Caroline’s sneer is very original. “Good find 👍🤣,” he says cynically.

VVD putty

One Devika jumps into the breach for Caroline: “Don’t find this uncomfortable or stuttering at all. Here is just someone who does not feel like playing the game, and who therefore does not answer as we are ‘used’.”

Tim then: “Mwah, she still participates in the game very often. I like the honesty more than VVD putty, but also find it uncomfortable. Looks like she just didn’t count on it.”

He admits: “Better than doctored-to-death Sophie Hermans phrases that are more hollow than the average look of someone on GHB at an after at 7:30.”

‘Already so sour’

Tim has also commented on the departure of SPG leader Kees van der Staaij, the longest-serving Member of Parliament. “Jacket, tie, white face and good articulation. That’s all it takes to sell oppressive ideas as decency with a friendly face.”

Mean, say critics. Telegraaf journalist Wierd Duk roars: “So young and already so sour.”

Jack doesn’t trust it

Is there perhaps another celebrity with a political opinion? Ah, on the other side of the political spectrum we find Jack van Gelder. He also wants to let it be known, also via X, that he does not trust Frans Timmermans.

Jack: “What is the textbook example of a salon socialist? So Carpenter. The man who benefits from the fact that the PvdA is being eaten by GroenLinks (former CPN) and who is only concerned for himself. I immediately had it with Kaag at the time and now with him again: I don’t trust them.