Carolina Marconi: the liver spot is a benign angioma

Carolina Marconi she has always shared her long battle with breast cancer via social media. In January 2022 she was cured of cancer, today she follows hormone therapy and undergoes periodic checks. The last check-up showed something in the liver. Which, she explains today on social, And “a benign angioma». But, in an interview given to Peopleget back to talk about that tumor, the importance of prevention and a detail: the breast implants placed before becoming ill.

Breast cancer prevention: the tests to be done

Carolina Marconi and the tumor: «The breast implants perhaps had an influence»

«Before I got sick I had breast implants, and maybe those also had an influence, I’ll try to understand better» he reveals. And he continues: «In any case, my tumor, which was very aggressive but also very small, was not seen well immediately by mammography and ultrasound. It took an MRI for it to be diagnosed. This is why I say: “Girls, if you have breast implants, be even more careful. And if there is something, don’t settle for the first opinion”».

The importance of prevention

Carolina then takes the opportunity to relaunch her appeal for prevention. «When they found breast cancer I hadn’t done proper prevention. There was Covid, I could have had regular check-ups with a mask and all the necessary precautions, but I was scared and delayed the mammogram. I did it two and a half years after the previous one. I found out later that if I had done it just a year and a half earlier I would have saved myself from cancer, chemotherapy, removal of 13 lymph nodes and total mastectomy”.

There’s something in the liver

A few days ago, during a check-up, something emerged in the liver: with the result of the CT scan, the tumor nightmare returned. The former gieffina, once again, shared fear and anguish with her followers. While deciding to hold on to her strength and courage that have always distinguished her.

«We need to put our soul at peace, wait, think positively and don’t break your head before you break it. She is tough, very tough » she wrote on Instagram. And, virtually embracing all those who experience the same situation, “let’s shake hands and be strong” she said.

Carolina Marconi: «It’s an angioma»

Now, finally, the result and a sigh of relief. «The 9 mm speck is a benign angioma» he writes on Instagram, sharing his joy with his followers and thanking everyone for the messages of affection and closeness received in recent days. «Life is Beautiful» writes Carolina Marconi again. Who can now finally smile again.