Carolina Marconi: sister outside of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Una person who can understand why she has lived the same experience, almost an older sister ready to give support and comfort. She is a Carolina Marconi which is told with an open heart what we have seen in the last episodes of Big Brother Vip. The contestant of the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini approached Nikita Pelizon after the latter he related his childhood in a family of Jehovah’s Witnesses. A religious movement that Carolina knows well and that created pain and estrangements even in her family.

Carolina Marconi, Jehovah’s Witnesses and her sister

The competitor of the Gf Vip he does not hide the pain when he talks about his family and Jehovah’s Witnesses. One of her sisters left the religious movement after following him for many years. But with bad consequences: the mother and the other sister, also in the Movement, according to what Gieffina told us, could not talk to the other sister. “I’m in the middle,” said Carolina, recounting a “situation that makes me suffer.” And that she relived later in the words of Nikita Pelizon.

Nikita Pelizon and childhood with Jehovah’s Witnesses

In fact, the model’s story has gone viral. The girl said she grew up in a family of very observant Jehovah’s Witnesses. “I grew up with the Bible in front of meNikita said. She that she as a child she could not participate in the birthday parties of her classmates or stay after school hours because she could only speak with those who followed the same religion. A childhood different from all the others, in short. To the point that Nikita at 16 decided to leave home.

Big Brother, here is the most interactive edition

The divided web

Stories, those of Nikita and Carolina, which have touched on very delicate topics: on the one hand there is belief and religion, on the other there is the relationship between mother and children. If, in fact, many have criticized the behavior of certain parents, willing to lose the bond with their child in the name of their God, on the other hand there are those on the web that invite caution. It is difficult to talk about thorny and complicated subjects like a religion. And, often, the mistake is precisely to fall into comments made without knowing the subject well.