The excessive privileges of the royal family of United Kingdom They have been exposed again. Charles III will not pay taxes about the inheritance that has bequeathed him Isabel II. Hugely wealthy, it is estimated that the deceased Queen He had a personal fortune of 370 million pounds (427 million euros). Any other citizen would be obliged to pay the Treasury 40% of that money, equivalent to 170 million euros. In the case of Carlos it will not be like that.

    When her mother began paying taxes in 1993, it was stipulated that, at the time of the monarch’s death, the fortune would pass in full to her successor to the throne. “I don’t think it’s fair that the King doesn’t pay the property tax. succession about the private fortune he has inherited from his mother & rdquor ;, says Robert Palmer of the TAX Justice UK movement (Taxes, Justice, United Kingdom) at the head of a campaign to end the exceptional treatment of the king and disburse the millions that correspond to him.

    Ruthless decision

    Elizabeth II’s death is causing collateral damage. For some it will mean the loss of a job, for others the cancellation of an important medical appointment.

    On Monday, while a vigil was being held for the sovereign at Saint Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh, a hundred workers at Clarence House, the place until now the official seat of Carlos as heir, received notice that they would be fired. Some of them have been working at the royal residence for decades, according to ‘The Guardian’, which offered the exclusive.

    Those affected are financiers, accountants, communication personnel, private secretaries, the team of the until then Prince of Wales. The dismissal It was communicated at a time when all the staff of the residence are dedicated, working piecemeal since the death of Elizabeth II, trying to make the funeral preparations work perfectly.

    The civil servants’ union has criticized a “ruthless” decision. Mark Serwoka, general secretary of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) states that while “some changes were expected, given the role changes in the royal family, the scale and speed at which they have been announced is extremely cruel & rdquor ;.

    canceled medical appointments

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    The day of funeral of the queen has been declared a holiday and the country is going to come to a complete stop with the closure of businesses, including supermarket chains, schools, sports centers. Only the pubs will remain open. As a consequence, thousands of citations in the public healthcare scheduled for that day, with family doctors, surgeons and pharmacy services, have been cancelled. The suspension particularly affects cancer patients, heart problems, and maternity services. Emergencies will be attended to, but at a time when the saturated public health system has 6.5 million patients on the waiting list, it does not seem like the right way to “show respect & rdquor; to Elizabeth II. They will also be closed on Monday. food banks. It will be a long weekend for those who can barely bring anything decent to the table.

    angry gestures

    The taxes, the layoffs, are a bad presentation card for the new king. Add to that a couple of sulky gestures in his first public acts. At the Proclamation ceremony he angrily asked an aide to remove a inkwell that bothered him. In Northern Ireland on Tuesday he got the wrong date and was stained with ink. “Oh God, I hate this thing & rdquor ;, he is heard to say angrily, referring to the pen, seeing that his fingers are stained.