Carlo Boszhard would like to continue with De TV Kantine after a break of almost two years, but not everyone is enthusiastic about it. “I would say: don’t do it”, Evert Sanwaarden sneezes.

    © Laura Oldenbroek

    It was a big hit on RTL 4: De TV Kantine for years. Carlo Boszhard’s parody comedy has been off television for almost two years now. “When Irene Moors decided to close the dress-up box, I was also done with it. I also wondered: what is still possible in terms of humor?”, he writes in the Televizier this week.

    Sneer to Lubach

    Carlo also wondered whether there was still room for his humor. “Satire is nowadays a comedian or a presenter with a pen in his hand who measures us”, he sneezes at Arjen Lubach. “Making people bigger like in De TV Kantine, is it still possible?”

    However, he is now inspired again. “Then I suddenly saw a new scene in front of me. Tim Hofman, who has previously been brilliantly portrayed by actor Valentijn Benard with us, is going to investigate.”

    Parsing on Tim?

    A parody of Tim who uncovers the abuse case surrounding The Voice of Holland? That doesn’t seem quite appropriate. “Can you still imitate someone and when are you going too far?” Carlo asks himself.

    “A new episode developed in my head that I keep to myself because I really want to make it. Suddenly I couldn’t wait to put the TV world in which everyone falls over each other into perspective with a Canteen special. (…) Now that we are no longer deepfaking, Koefnoen-en, and hitting Spijkers with heads, I want to open the door of the canteen again.”

    Evert advises against

    Private boss Evert Sankrediets thinks it’s a bad idea. “I’d say, ‘Don’t do it.’ It was really done with De TV Kantine a bit,” he says in his podcast today Strictly Private.

    You shouldn’t pull this out of mothballs, Evert thinks. “It’s a nice memory and I don’t believe Irene is eager to do that again.”

    ‘It’s finished’

    In fact, Carlo should have stopped after winning the Televizier-Ring, Evert thinks. “There was going to be another movie one day, that would have been a really good ending, but I think an even better ending would have been the Televizier-Ring and then say, ‘Guys, we can’t get high, we’re going to stop.’”

    Evert thinks that De TV Kantine can only disappoint. “I think you’re going to stick with something that was fun back then, but I think it’s kinda done.”