Prince Carl Philip commented for the first time on his father’s rants.

    Prince Carl Philip would have been the next king under the old constitution, as only men could inherit the crown. PDO

    Sweden’s King Kaarle Kustaa, 76, recently caused a stir with his statement regarding the order of succession to the crown. Kaarle Kustaa would have wanted his son, Carl Philip, to be the next king.

    However, the Swedish constitutional reform in 1980 made the king’s eldest child, Princess Victoria, heir to the crown.

    Kohula’s statement has caused widespread indignation in Sweden. Now Carl Philip has taken a sparing stance on the uproar, reports Expressen.

    – I support my father’s statement and my older sister’s, Philip stated to the newspaper.

    King Kaarle Kustaa’s statement has been perceived as criticizing Crown Princess Victoria. PDO

    The Royal Court of Sweden has published the king’s message on its Facebook page, in which Kaarle Kustaa wanted to clarify his statement.

    – It has hurt me deeply when I have read comments in retrospect claiming that I would not support my daughter Crown Princess Victoria as the heir to the Swedish throne.

    – My interview answers should not be interpreted as criticism of the female-dominated throne or Crown Princess Victoria. The succession of women on the throne is a matter of course for me. The crown princess is my successor. He is an extraordinary asset to me, my family and our country. I am proud of him and his tireless work for Sweden, the update states.

    Experts have been puzzled by the king’s speeches. Editor-in-chief of Svensk Damtidningen Johan T. Lindwall has wondered why the king brought it up only now.

    – I think it’s incredibly strange that she hasn’t gotten over it and doesn’t understand how good it was for the monarchy that Victoria became the crown princess and what she’s doing for the monarchy, Lindwall stated.