Carice van Houten does not want to stop blocking A12: ‘Effective’

Carice van Houten does not want to stop blocking the A12. She was arrested again there yesterday, just like 650 other climate fighters, but she is not giving up. “It’s effective.”

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She can now be found on the A12 more often than the average trucker: Carice van Houten. Halina Reijn’s best friend is terribly worried about the climate. At the beginning of this year, she feared that her son would no longer be able to put a bouncy castle in the garden last summer due to climate change. “Because of the extreme heat.”

‘I do not want this’

That extreme heat ultimately did not materialize, but Carice will remain on the A12 for the time being. She was born yesterday arrested again, together with 650 other climate warriors. A reporter from the regional broadcaster managed to speak to the actress on the blocked highway.

Carice against Broadcasting West: “I don’t want this either, you know. I’d rather play Lego with my child now, I really would. I really would rather not be here, but yes, I just have to make a sound.”

‘More effect’

Why does Carice think it is good to block the highway? “Because I worry a lot and can’t do anything else. I have a child. Yes, I can’t look my child in the eye or myself if I don’t do something.”

The reporter: “Now you can also choose to stand on the Malieveld or in another place, for example near the House of Representatives. Then why do you keep coming back here?”

Carice: “Yes, because I think this has more effect.”

Climate marches

Why does it have more effect, according to Carice, to block the A12? “So many climate marches and so many petitions have been signed in the past thirty years. It didn’t help one bit and of course we learned yesterday that the subsidies are many more than we already thought.”

She concludes: “I just can’t let it go.”