Carel Eiting does not give up and goes again to the KNVB arbitration committee

Carel Eiting will again go to the arbitration committee of the KNVB. The 25-year-old midfielder of FC Volendam hopes to enforce a transfer to FC Twente in an urgent case. Volendam is ‘surprised’ about this new chapter. We need to hurry, as the transfer market closes on Friday.

Eiting was also responsible for the arbitration committee two weeks ago, which then ruled that Volendam did not have to cooperate in a transfer. The arbitration committee also indicated in the judgment that all parties involved still had to come to an agreement.

According to the midfielder’s lawyer Frans de Weger, Eiting, FC Volendam and FC Twente were expected to adopt an active and constructive attitude towards each other. According to him, Eiting and FC Twente have contributed optimally within their possibilities to a greatly improved transfer fee. In an extreme attempt to reach an agreement, both FC Twente and Eiting have made financial concessions in order to reach a final offer. But FC Volendam has not accepted that offer.

‘Unsafe work situation’

De Weger sees no other option than to urgently submit the matter again to the arbitration committee of the KNVB, since he no longer sees a realistic possibility of playing for Volendam. He already spoke about an ‘unsafe work situation’ during the earlier session.

Eiting has long disagreed with the Volendam club management about the financial conditions for a transfer. The Eredivisie club lifted an option in the contract of the former Ajax player last month, which means that FC Volendam believes that he is fixed until the summer of 2025. That happened shortly after FC Twente had reported for Eiting.

The midfielder relied on written agreements about a departure clause, which would allow him to leave for around 400,000 euros. However, FC Volendam wants to see more money, reportedly 2 to 2.5 million euros.