Career: These five celebrities started their careers late in life

Many people spend their lives dreaming of finding a career that will completely fulfill them. Even in old age, there are many who found happiness late in life and prove that it is never too late to take a new path. Below are five celebrities who had late careers.

Harrison Ford

According to, the American actor, known from the “Indiana Jones” and “Star Wars” films, worked as a carpenter for a long time in addition to his acting career, which initially didn’t really get off the ground. It wasn’t until he was in his early thirties that he met George Lucas, the legendary director of Star Wars, and shortly afterwards he made his breakthrough.

Stephen King

The American writer Stephen King, known for his scary novels, also initially had difficulties in his career. In order to keep his family afloat, he initially worked at a gas station and as an ironer in a laundry, according to In his late twenties, his breakthrough came with his novel Carrie, the first drafts of which, according to, King threw in the trash. But his wife persuaded him to finish the book.

Vincent van Gogh

The famous painter was also unable to successfully pursue his passion at a young age. After a stay in Paris, during which he tried out various professions – including as a priest and assistant teacher – he decided to become a painter at the age of 27, according to GEO. It was not until 1885, when he was in his early thirties, that he created his first major work, The Potato Eaters.

Morgan Freeman

Like his fellow actor Harrison Ford, Morgan Freeman didn’t begin his career until he was over 30. After a short time in the military, according to, Freeman first decided on a career as a theater actor before switching to film.

Oprah Winfrey

According to, the legendary American talk show host Oprah Winfrey also found happiness later. She didn’t get into the talk show business until she was thirty and then became world famous. Before that she worked as a reporter.

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