Stwell it looks like a protocol of aesthetic medicine relatively young, the carboxytherapy it is a method already used in 1770 to treat chronic skin ulcers, while in the 1930s it was used for curative purposes in French spas. Today, the infiltrations of carbon dioxide (CO₂), a gas also present in the bodyare used to rejuvenate the skin, improve the condition of stretch marks and fight cellulite.

    Carboxytherapy and cellulite: how it works

    But what happens when carbon dioxide is injected into the subcutaneous tissue? «Released at the dermal or subcutaneous level, this substance acts both on the vascular systemresulting in an increase in blood flow in the capillary microcirculation, and on adipose tissue, because the injection causes triglycerides to split thus allowing the release of fatty acids», explains the plastic surgeon Ludovico Palla.

    The benefits of carboxytherapy also concern the skin, because the injected substance improves vascularization and consequently stimulates the collagen production.

    Does carboxytherapy defeat cellulite?

    The answer is no. Cellulite is a complex inflammatory stage of skin tissue, often aggravated by edema and accumulations of fatand it is on these blemishes that the carboxytherapy. “Definitely not the solution to the problem, but it is a treatment that improves and gradually cures», underlines the plastic surgeon Ludovico Palla.

    How the treatment works

    «It is a quick outpatient procedure, lasting about 10 minutes, and after the session you can immediately return to your normal routine. The pressure exerted by the injected substance can cause skin tension, tingling, redness or small bruises that dissolve in a few hours,” specifies the plastic surgeon.

    Normally, cycles of 10 sessions are recommended in the treatment of cellulite. Once the path is completed, the results between the before and after are evident». To combat cellulite, the community of aesthetic doctors agrees in suggesting associating carboxytherapy with other protocols. «The combination with other technologies also gives excellent results as an example, the Accent protocol, a device that combines radiofrequency and ultrasound which act on skin laxity and microcirculation”, adds Diletta Siniscalchi Co-Founder and Director of Villa Brasini Beauty Clinic.

    What to do after the sessions

    The results are not definitiveand the commitment to improve the skin affected by cellulite continues even at home. On the market there are creams and serums based on algae, sea mud and caffeine with a slimming, toning and draining action. That’s enough massage them dailypossibly twice a day, on critical areas with delicate circular movements.

    Never forget the importance of physical activity. A quiet walk for at least half an hour every day is enough. This way your legs will look less swollen.

    “To maintain the results of carboxytherapy it is also important to act from a food point of view, therefore drink a lot and reduce the use of salt, preferring spices to season foods”, concludes Diletta Siniscalchi.