Car misses a bend and crashes, hits a lamppost and ends up on the edge of a ditch

A motorist crashed his car on the Jules Verneweg in Tilburg on Friday night. Around half past two at night the driver missed the bend to the Zuiderkruisweg. The car shot straight ahead, hit a lamppost and then came to a stop diagonally on the slope of a ditch.

Someone who saw the accident called the emergency services. The fire brigade, two ambulances and the police then rushed to the Jules Verneweg. There were two people in the car. The fire brigade had to free them from the car.

Ambulance workers stabilized the victims. They were then taken to a hospital in Tilburg. It has not been released how seriously they are injured.

A salvage company removed the heavily damaged car from the ditch with a crane and took it away. The Jules Verneweg was closed to traffic for some time near the Zuiderkruisweg.

Drive fast
The police are investigating how the accident could have happened. Possibly they were driving too fast, a 112 correspondent said.