As of: 06/26/2022 4:24 p.m

    Lisa Jahn won the women’s Canadian singles at home in Berlin. Max Lemke cheered for the kayak men.

    On Sunday (06/26/2022) she rushed to the German championship title at the finals in Berlin on the Spree in the final against Annika Loske. For Berlin-born Jahn, who used to sit in a kayak, it was a home win. Lina Bielicke won the small final for third place.

    Jahn: “As if you were driving for your life”

    “It was just flat out. It’s one of the biggest mistakes to underestimate your competitors. That’s why you have to approach every race as if you were driving for your life.”, Jahn explained later on the ZDF microphone. She achieved victory mainly thanks to her physical power over the short distance (160 meters): “I am very well endowed with strength.”

    The final between Jahn and Loske was a duel of stroke frequency versus length. After the first 60, 70 meters, Jahn then pushed himself forward with powerful punches, gained a boat-length lead and brought victory to the finish line.

    Lemke Fastest in the men’s kayak

    In the end, Max Lemke was allowed to jubilantly raise the paddle in one of the men’s kayaks. He won his final against Tom Liebscher. Bronze went to Martin Hiller.

    Rowing at the finals 2022 in Berlin – the final in Kan

    Lemke got off to a much better start in the final. The first shots were perfect, then he worked with high frequency, Liebscher had to let Lemke go to three quarters of a boat length and couldn’t get close.

    “It’s fun to paddle here at the Eastside Gallery”said Lemke later. “I’m also just happy that we can show how cool our sport is.”

    Stand-Up Paddling: Krah and Schwarz win gold

    After the canoe and kayak competitions, favorite Hannah Leni Krah then confirmed her role in stand-up paddling against Susanne Lier. With a very strong start, sprint expert Krah got a direct lead, and the two turns were also successful thanks to excellent footwork on the board. Ultimately, Lier missed a narrow board length at the finish line.

    In the bronze final against Anne de Boer, the only 15-year-old Skady Langbein secured third place. Langbein, who comes from Berlin, had clear advantages, especially in the 180-degree turns.

    In the men’s category, third place went to Manuel Lauble, who was able to build up speed in the final sprint in a duel with Steven Bredow. At the end of the canoe day, Gold cheered Ole Schwarz, who prevailed against Peter Weidert.