Can hair determine the success of a star?| I Woman

CWhat do Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish have in common? The fact that almost everyone remembers their famous hair. She talked about it there creator Coco Mocoe on TikTok: her video about the “Hollywood Hair Theory”, with over 105 million views, states that one of the elements determinants of a celebrity’s success are a recognizable and unique hairlook. And maybe there is some truth.

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Hollywood Hair Theory, when hair “makes” the star

What made Marilyn Monroe an icon of beauty was certainly (also) her blonde hair. For Elvis it was the “banana cut” while for Audrey Hepburn, the pixie cut. For Ariana Grande it’s the ponytail while Gery Halliwell has copper red hair with highlights.

There “Hollywood Hair Theory” of TikTok states that, to achieve the status of an icon, a distinctive hairstyle, the – it would seem – most decisive element of our identity, can help a lot.

From left: Billie Eilish, Marilyn Monroe and Ariana Grande (Credits: GettyImages)

What the theory is about

There are many entertainers who were able to stand out also thanks to their hair. A queen, in this, was Cher with her jet black maxi lengths. In recent times, among the most obvious cases, Billie Eilish with the hair with green roots, Niki Minaj with pink hair. All recognizable, if not unforgettable, styles that are well stored in the collective memory.

To support this theory, i creator of TikTok Nicky Reardon and Coco Mocoe, according to which the only way to defeat the constant overstimulation of our current culture is to have a distinctive hair look to stand out.

Ariana Grande’s famous “high ponytail”.

There is therefore some truth in stating that Is hair the characteristic feature that remains most impressed in people’s minds? Absolutely yes.

To support the theory, the “Ariana Grande case”. The singer’s personal stylist Law Roach has stated in various interviews that he is aware of the importance of pony tail on the image of the artist, so much so that it could become one of the keys to his success. Now, even though Grande experiments with new styles and hairstyles, every time someone wants to impersonate her she has to put on a high ponytail. And here the Hollywood Hair Theory proves correct. Touche.