Security at the camping farm in Someren that was set on fire on Wednesday night is being increased. This has been decided by the Brabant Southeast Security Region. The police investigation into the fire is now complete, but no one has been arrested yet.

    A spokeswoman for the security region says that the extra security has already taken effect. With a view to safety, she cannot say exactly what the extra measures entail.

    From Monday, 450 asylum seekers would be accommodated in the camping farm at De Hoof. In the night from Wednesday to Thursday, a fire broke out in the building where no one was at the time. It soon became apparent that there had been arson.

    The room where the fire started suffered the most damage. In the other rooms, there was mainly smoke damage, the fire service said on Thursday. The reception of asylum seekers continues despite the fire. The first 225 people will arrive from Monday. According to mayor Dilia Blok van Someren, the location is large enough to still accommodate the asylum seekers.

    In Someren, not everyone is happy with the arrival of the asylum seekers. Citizens’ initiative Someren previously demonstrated against asylum reception. During a walk-in meeting, residents of Someren spoke out against the shelter, because they think the group of 450 asylum seekers is too large. Citizens’ initiative Someren has distanced itself from the fire.

    Police say their investigation into the arson is complete. The detective is now investigating further. He speaks with witnesses and looks at camera images. She calls witnesses to come forward.