G.the British, and especially the British media, they have always looked at her with distrust. Why her, Camilla Rosemary Shand, was considered “the other”, the hated family ruiner who had removed Lady Diana from Prince Charles, destroying that love story in which the whole world had tried to believe on July 29, 1981. And today that woman, who for years has struggled with all her strength to break down the wall of suspicion that had been built around her, eventually succeeding in obtaining the support of Queen Elizabeth, she occupies that place that the whole world dreamed of belonging to Lady D: Camilla, aged 75, is Her Majesty the Queen consort.

    The farewell of the subjects of Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace: the rainbow appears in the sky

    Camilla Parker Bowles: the Queen consort

    In reality, Carlo has always been in love with her. The two met in 1970 at a polo match. And Camilla, who was a year older than him, enchanted him by telling him – not without a certain malice – that his great-grandmother Alice Keppel, a Scottish noblewoman, had been the confidant but above all the lover of Edward VII, his great-grandfather. Carlo, who was 22, began to court her; shy and insecure as he would be for the rest of his life, however, he never found the courage to ask for her hand. And when he left for military service in the Navy, she decided not to wait for a proposal that might never come. She thus accepted di marry an officer in Her Majesty’s army, Andrew Parker Bowles, and had two children with him, Tom (in 1974) and Laura (in 1978).

    Carlo’s love for Camilla

    The wedding, for Carlo, was a real blow to the heart. According to what the observers and experts of the Royal House will later tell, it was only when he lost her that the prince did he realize how much he truly loved Camilla. But by then it was too late. Mrs Parker Bowles, by now, at Buckingham Palace was viewed with distrust because at that point she was a “girl with a past”, that is, no longer a virgin, and therefore not suitable for Carlo. So the two, between whom the fire had never really subsided, began a clandestine reaction. Carlo, who in the meantime had married Diana, considered Camilla and not Lady D the woman of his life, because she was the companion he desired, the woman who could understand him and support him.

    Life partner of the crown prince

    Only with the divorce between Camilla and her husband Andrew (in 1995) and then with Diana’s death (in 1997), the link between Carlo and Camilla began to become more evident even publicly. And she, after the initial rejection by the subjects and the media, began to be accepted as the life partner of the crown prince. Without delusions of protagonism, always composed, never a gaffe, never one sentence too many, in fact she began to be seen (as opposed to the exuberant Diana) as the perfect woman for Carlo. Officially half a step back, but actually at his side to support and advise him. So much so that he was able to bring him closer to his sons William and Harry after the years of stormy family conflicts following Diana’s death.

    From the wedding to the throne

    Then, in 2005, with the wedding, Carlo and Camilla were finally able to crown their dream of love. Which brought them both to the British throne.

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