The year is just beginning, and camila homs already starred in one of her first viral moments: she was filmed at a New Year’s party in east pointwhere the audience began a harangue song against the singer Tini Stoessel: “O le le, or la la, Tini eats it, Cami gives it to her.” At the moment, laughing, Homs took the cell phone from him and began filming the crowd chanting in favor of him. And it is that Holms and Stoessel are the rivals of a conflictive triangle that does not seem to end and that the third angle has it to the soccer player of the selection, Rodrigo DePaul, who days ago denounced Homs for slander and insults.

    Days ago, the scandal had a new chapter, after an audio from Homs’s father and De Paul’s former father-in-law was leaked, Horace Homs, where he makes harsh statements against the footballer. “You already have me rotten, son of a bitch… I’m going to go out and talk about you in the media about the dates, the money that you stole from my house when I lived in Puerto Madero and that you stole all of Camila’s savings,” he shot. Horace Homs in the audio.

    The controversial audio emerged after De Paul filed the lawsuit against his ex-wife. Demand against which Horacio Homs was unconcerned. “I don’t care what this kid says, what this message boy says is not a lie but I said it for everything I have to say, they were not physical threats,” Homs defended himself, to whom, to add seasoning to this controversy , it has just been confirmed by a DNA test that he has an extramarital daughter, Chiaraevidently the sister of Camila Homs.

    But the truth is that the spirits between De Paul and Camila Homs had already been heated for a long time. At the end of December, the model had posted a suggestive message on her Instagram account, where she was seen making the “fuck you” sign. Although the video was not dedicated to anyone in particular, many assumed that it was a covert message to her ex-partner. And it is that after the soccer player arrived in Argentina after spending days in Qatar playing the Soccer World Cup which had as winners the Selection Albiceleste, De Paul went directly to meet Tini Stoessel, and not to see the children he has in common with Homs. It should be clarified that the divorce of both was not exempt from conflicts and fights over the alimony of the children in common.

    But even the love triangle generated news before that, when the portals exploded after the particular detail of the boots that De Paul would wear in the World Cup was known. On the boots you could read the inscription “TTT”; a clear reference to “The Triple T”; one of Tini Stoessel’s hits. The curious thing is that this romantic gesture is very similar to the one that De Paul had with Homs in times when they had a happy love relationship: in those days, the soccer player’s boots also knew how to bear the model’s name. The whole episode of the booties also happened while there were serious rumors of separation between the footballer and the singer of “Strawberry”.

    It is not yet known what will be the end of this increasingly spicy contest. But the truth is that 2023 has already begun, and it seems that Homs decided to be the first to move pieces on the controversial board.

    by RN

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