08/06/2022 at 00:28


    The Frenchman changes 25 for Jovic’s 16, while the new signing chooses Bale’s 18 as he cannot opt ​​for 8

    Odriozola, with the future in the air, appears on the LaLiga website with the number 12 left by Marcelo

    The real Madrid It has had a busier market in terms of departures than arrivals, and that means that there are different numbers that remain without owners. According to the LaLiga website, and in the absence of official status on the part of the club, new owners of numbers can be seen in the white club, such as Eduardo Camavinga or Odriozola, in addition to those already confirmed of the new signings of Tchouameni Y Rudiger.

    To begin with, the French midfielder appears on the employer’s page with the number 16 that he had orphaned Luka Jovićnew Fiorentina player. Camavinga He has decided to leave behind the 25 he wore last season and ‘climb’ some numbers.

    A different case is that of Alvaro Odriozola. In the midst of an uncertain context to know what his future will be in the entity, LaLiga enters him in its database with the number 12 that he had Marcelo until this summer. If he finally doesn’t leave the Bernabéu, everything seems that the club has already assigned him a number.

    Finally, in the new signings section, there are no surprises in the numbers, which were already confirmed on the day of the presentations. Antonio Rudiger had to be confirmed with the 22 of Isco since 2 is owned by CarvajalY Aurelien Tchouameni had to do something similar: confirm with the 18 he left Gareth Bale since his favorite number, 8, is held by a historical player such as Tony Kroos.