Calm before the storm: code yellow expected tomorrow evening

If you want to enjoy the last days of your holiday outside, you have to be quick. The weather may seem calm now, but heavy gusts of wind are expected from tomorrow. The KMNI warns of code yellow.

It is a dry morning. Also last night there was hardly a drop of rain. Yet it does not remain that way. The rain is coming, says NH weatherman Jan Visser. It will be around ten degrees and it will be wet this afternoon and tonight.

Thursday and Friday

This turbulent situation will continue tomorrow with another dry morning, followed by more rain and heavy gusts of wind on the coast. “From the drop in the rain,” says Jan. The KNMI has announced code yellow for tomorrow. According to Jan Visser, it could easily become wind force nine.

The weather is bad in England and it is now coming our way. Fortunately, that storm will move further to the Norwegian coast on Friday. It may also rain on Friday and Jan warns of hail.

Jan calls the coming days ‘turbulent’ and ‘spicy’.

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