Califano: who is Silvia, the daughter of the Roman singer-songwriter

TOhad a daughter Franco Califano, the Roman singer-songwriter – famous between the 70s and 80s – narrated Sunday 11 February in the film Califano on Rai1 with Leo Gassman.

Her name is Silvia and she has only now come out into the open.

A troubled life that of the “Caliph”, as he was called, also for the dark period in prison and his friendship with the Milanese criminal Francis Turatello.

Leo Gassmann returns to Sanremo with

Who is daughter Silvia

Silvia Califano was born in 1959 from the marriage with Rita Di Tommaso and always preferred to stay away from the world of entertainment.

The wedding lasted just over a year: when Silvia was 5 months old the father abandoned mother and daughter.

It wasn’t until I was in my twenties that Silvia Califano, with great courage, resumed contact with her father maintaining, however, a very tormented relationship.

She had last seen him at 11 years in court during the parents’ separation case. “On that occasion, he put his hand on my shoulder but I moved away,” she once confessed.

Today the 64 year old, former classical dancer, has a dance school in Trieste. And a daughter, Francesca, 25 years old.

The tormented relationship with his father

A scene from Califano

«He abandoned me when I was 5 months old. She didn’t know how to be a father »said Silvia Califano who, after graduating from the Silvia art school, he studied at the Rome Ballet specializing between Venice, London and Paris.

Relationships with his father have always been difficult. As a child she learned to know Caliph through the photo novels of which he was the protagonist.

During the singer’s funeral, celebrated on March 30, 2013, the woman stated that, although they loved each other, they lost so many pieces of life together.

TO Vanity Fair, she confessed: “Over time I managed to understand her escape: she was entering the world of entertainment, perhaps a daughter didn’t know how to handle it.”


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«At school I was the only one who didn’t have both parents. People complimented me on his songs, but I just wanted a normal dad» Silvia Califano then said. That she, in her life, says she had a big regret: «Maybe I should have asked him why he brought me into the world and threw me there. I didn’t write it because I feared the answer, if it ever came».