Cairo: “I refused 25 million from Atalanta for Buongiorno, together we will do great things”

The Granata president at the inauguration of the Torino Club Parliament: “With Alessandro we will do great things. 75% of the fans are on my side”

The Torino Club Parliament has been a reality since this morning. Thanks to an initiative by Senator Filippo Melchiorre of Fratelli d’Italia, shared by many of his colleagues, including from the Chamber, President Urbano Cairo’s company has a small but large space among politicians with a totally bipartisan club. The Nassiriya room is packed in the Senate, with Cairo himself emotional. “It’s a special day, I’ve been president of Torino for 18 years and it’s really a great satisfaction to witness this inauguration,” says the president who then recounted in detail how he arrived at the acquisition of Torino in 2005, which had gone bankrupt in the summer. “Some of the fans dispute me, but keeping up in football today is not easy. I commissioned a survey, 75% of the fans are on my side, I have to recover the remaining 25 and I really think I can do it. I am very ambitious, I dedicate at least 20% of my daily time to Taurus. But today’s football has ended up in the grip of television rights, turnover and agents. Thirty years ago Verona and Sampdoria also won the scudetto, but today there is another reality. I make 100 million with Torino and I have to deal with teams of 400-500 who lose 100. Inter have just closed with a red of 85 million and are almost happy because in previous years there were many more.”


Cairo then spoke about the relationships with Lotito’s Lazio that he will meet tonight (“It’s not true that they aren’t good, sometimes I have different views with Claudio, but they are normal things. And then I bought my first player from him, Muzzi”), focusing on the transfer negotiation that involved Alessandro Buongiorno: “It wasn’t my intention to sell him, but Atalanta asked me towards the end of the transfer window. I called his agent, who always reproached me for not wanting to sell the players, and I told him about the offer. The player called me and very quickly expressed his desire to stay with us. So I rejected the 25 million. At Buongiorno I said: I am very happy that you are staying, we will have a great championship”. During the conference, Senator Enrico Borghi of Italia Viva announced that the proposal for a bill is being studied to ensure that 4 May 1949, the of the Superga disaster, become a historic date for the country to truly make Grande Torino known to everyone.