Çağlar Ökten: Seda Sayan is my wife, my precious

Seda Sayan took the stage with her lover Çağlar Ökten at the Savoy Ottoman Hotel in Cyprus. Ökten, who opened the night, said, “I leave the stage to my precious wife Seda Sayan,” and handed over the microphone to the famous singer.

Seda Sayan and Çağlar Ökten, who will get married on May 7 in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, made the statement, “We, as a couple, do not make any preparations, but thanks to our friends, they are closely interested”.


The 34-year-old musician also admitted that the revelation of his relationship with Seda Sayan relieved him.

Ökten said, “I was not a supporter of hiding. From the beginning, she was my wife, my precious. You don’t care about the negative news about our relationship.”