Cacio e Pepe is an easy classic guide

Pepper paste is easy, but guaranteed to be good.

Cacio e Pepe is a cheese pepper paste. Wind Lindgren

Cacio e Pepe is an Italian classic pasta where the amount of ingredients doesn’t end up soaring. The main star of the portion is black pepper, which is roasted in a pan to bring out the best aromas.

Cacio e Pepe means cheese and pepper that work perfectly together in pasta. A quick and simple serving of pasta is completed in an instant.

Pepper tested the recipe for Cacio e Pepe at Paulig’s cooking school. The lunch of the distant day will not be completed faster than this. Try it though.

Cacio and Pepe

400 g of spaghetti


2 teaspoons black pepper from the mill

2 tablespoons butter

200 g of pecorino cheese

2.5 dl of pasta boiling water

1. Bring the pasta to a boil. When the water boils, add about one teaspoon of salt per liter. Add the spaghetti and cook according to the instructions on the package. While the pasta is boiling, grate the pecorino cheese with a fine grater blade.

2. Grind the black pepper in a dry pan and roast the pepper for about a minute. Add butter to the pan. After the pasta has been cooked al denté, collect 3 dl of boiling water for the sauce and pour the pasta into a sieve.

3. Add drained pasta and about 1 dl of water to the pan. Gradually add the grated cheese and stir vigorously to melt the cheese and form a thick sauce with the water. Gradually add boiling water as needed.

4. Add a pinch of black pepper and grated cheese on top. Offer now.

Recipe: Paulig

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