The cabinet and energy companies agreed on a price ceiling and other measures against rising energy prices on Monday. The . report that NOS and ANP news agency based on insiders. The plans will probably be officially announced on Tuesday by energy minister Rob Jetten (D66). The final details are still being worked out.

    The government will take over part of the energy bill from households from January 2023, but according to the plans, the advance payment on the energy bill will be reduced from 1 November this year. The government would use the average energy consumption per year for this. That’s according to Environment Central consultancy 1,169 m³ of gas and 2,479 kWh of electricity. The measure will apply until the end of next year.

    Long-term contracts

    The government also wants energy companies to offer multi-year contracts, with prices fixed for a longer period of time, and that the companies will not take out customers with payment problems. According to the NOS, on the other hand, people who terminate a long-term contract early would have to pay a higher fine. The fine is now 50 euros per energy product.

    The previously announced extension of the energy tax reduction will be canceled, ANP news agency reports. That is recommended by insiders to NRC confirmed. With this, the cabinet will pay for the measure of the price ceiling of between 6 and 10 billion euros. The government had previously announced that it would set aside about 16 billion euros for next year to help families with rising bills.