BVB star Brandt counters farewell rumors

With seven goals and eight assists, Julian Brandt has had by far the best season in 2021/22 since moving to Borussia Dortmund in the summer of 2019. Nevertheless, the national soccer player is always considered a shaky candidate for BVB. Now the 25-year-old has taken a stand on his future.

“I’m not thinking about changing at the moment, so the answer is clear. I’m still extremely interested in this club and I don’t think my time here is over,” Brandt explained in an interview with “WAZ“that saying goodbye to BVB is currently not an issue for him.

“I have the feeling that something extremely good is developing here with the coach, his team and the boys who play here,” explains Brandt. “There’s no reason for me to change. I feel good in Dortmund and I still have a few plans here,” the midfielder announced, but admitted that “many things happen in life and things can change suddenly.” could.

Brandt does not regret that he once decided to get involved with the black and yellow. Above all, the difficult phases of the club had ensured that he had become “stronger in his head”.

Brandt has big goals with BVB

The fact that the championship fight against leaders FC Bayern has actually already been decided before the league game does not prevent Brandt from predicting a positive future for the club. “If the coach gets proper preparation with a lot of healthy players in the summer and can work with them in detail, we’ll take a few more steps forward,” said Brandt in an interview with “Funke Mediengruppe”.

The 25-year-old rejected criticism of Rose. “I don’t think the team doesn’t suit the coach’s football. But if you want to develop the style of play that Marco Rose stands for, the pressing, the high attacking, the constant activity, full-throttle football in both directions – then you have to at least be spared the bad luck with injuries. And that really wasn’t us,” emphasized Brandt.

He wants to win titles with BVB soon. “Every player wants to become champions, win the DFB Cup and repeat in the Champions League what people experienced here in 2013. How realistic that is is another question. But the will, the greed for it, is there with everyone.” said Brandt.