BVB – Kehl: “All those responsible are pulling together – without any ifs or buts”

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We have only lost three of the last 32 league games

Yes, it’s only 3 defeats. The problem is against whom.. Against the top teams in the league they now got exactly one point and that was pretty flattering when you look at how Leverkusen Dortmund played ahead of them.

Sure, you feel like you get more points, but is that really the case? At the same time last season you also had 25 points, but back then you were only 3 points behind first place. This time it’s already 10. Then you have to see who you still have points against. Heidenheim, Bochum, everything but not difficult opponents.

Unfortunately, it turns out that Dortmund has developed 0.0. Transfers are no longer an option, and you no longer have an exceptional player other than Sancho, Håland or Bellingham.

Unfortunately, the people of Dortmund completely lack self-reflection. Everything is fine, it’s the others’ fault (see Terzic’s interview about the 11m not being given), etc. There’s constant analysis and I don’t know what, but nothing happens.

It’s always astonishing what third parties recognize and even want to know from the outside.

How do you know that BVB lacks self-reflection?
Because they didn’t let you take part in it?

Or because you don’t constantly discuss the problems in public and it’s best to say publicly that the transfer phase was bad, the team is playing badly, the coach is under observation? How realistic are these expectations?

If BVB didn’t reflect on themselves, they wouldn’t have parted ways with Slaven Stanic, for example. If you didn’t reflect on yourself, you wouldn’t have suggested several times that there could be a winter transfer, etc.

With the BVB Gebashe that you, other users and the media are currently doing, I can understand why Kehl and other officials make statements like the ones they are currently making.
You sometimes get the feeling that it would make more sense to deregister the club than to continue at this point, the mood is so exaggerated.

Yes, the season has been very poor so far and the transfer phase hasn’t been good either.

However, you are still involved in all competitions and especially in the CL there were enough doomsayers who were absolutely sure that you wouldn’t make it out of the group.
Just like there are now enough people who are absolutely sure that they will miss the CL, even though not even half of the season has been played yet.

If you expect that the officials will now publicly follow this tenor and slap it on every interview, it just shows that he doesn’t live in reality when it comes to this sort of thing.

Problems will certainly be raised internally and nobody internally will be happy with the play against Leverkusen, but that’s why they won’t trumpet it publicly in order to do you all a favor and cause real unrest in the club.