BVB coach Edin Terzic on criticism: It’s been like this since the start of the season

You can’t really get any sense out of him.

Somehow he seems to put up a kind of protective shield that shields him from any criticism. For all his analysis and turning over stones, you never hear a word of self-criticism. How come? Every other Buli trainer reflects at some point.

It’s obvious to me that he seems to be very limited as a coach. The hidden criticism from the players – most recently Mats Hummels – is a clear indication. If he is unable to generate a game idea due to his limited abilities, lacks any self-criticism and instead always attacks the players first, then he loses the team first and then the games.
But I don’t think Terzic is a person who couldn’t recognize this development. Therefore, the lack of self-reflection and constant criticism of the players is a mystery to me.

However, on the other hand, he provides me with a template for an opposite point of view because I find his interviews extremely clumsy. The statements seem rhetorically clumsy and only thought through at first. For me, after every further unsatisfactory game, it’s the search for a new hook or excuse that needs to be overcome as a challenge and that you can then show as progress/development if you’ve actually managed it. But on second thought he becomes more and more entangled and loses more and more credibility.
The next example in this article: “I’m trying to move forward and give the boys the security…” – How does that work when I publicly criticize them in interviews?

What surprises me most, however, is the leadership. The criticism in the forums reads dramatically, the games I saw were also haphazard and difficult to watch. I can no longer understand how the management can remain calm and not question the coach. Those in charge are not greenhorns watching their first football games.

In all that I have written, I am referring to his profession and his skills as a coach, but not to the private person Terzic, because I don’t know him.