Buy these from chain stores

Fashion suppliers tested the clothes of well-known fashion chains and now tell you what they would actually buy in their own closet – and which products will remain on the store shelf.


The colors of the season and the latest trends can be found in chain stores. However, before you get into them, there are a few things to consider.

The same rule applies to chain stores as to other fashion purchases: only buy clothes that are genuinely pleasing to your eye and that you expect to wear for a long time. In chain stores, it is worth blaming the material tags and considering the service life of the garment.

Fashion journalists toured chain stores to find exactly the sleighs where chain store diamonds can be found. We listed where to invest and where not.


I would buy: Zara’s selection often and positively surprises. In particular, the jackets and trouser suits of the store attract my attention. They have bold colors, patterns and cuts like nowhere else.

So if I needed something new power suitia or power boiler, I would head for shopping in Zara. Even long-legged people should keep their eyes open, as the selections of this Spanish chain and even the trouser pants often offer legs that are so long that the ankles do not flicker.

I would not buy: I’ve noticed that Zara’s “basic leotards,” that is, tops and t-shirts, for example, used in the invisible under other clothing, don’t last as good a condition as clothing from some other stores. There are exceptions, but I would get a white t-shirt elsewhere, for example.

The two-line, textured blazer is a timeless choice. This shade and pattern is suitable for different seasons, but especially for summer, as the gold-colored buttons suit the spirit of the sailor. 69.95 e, Zara.

Did anyone already mention the power saber? This pink, cape-like jacket is at its best. You should get an eye-catching jacket in your favorite color. This jacket, which is partly made of recycled material, will not go unnoticed by others, nor will it be used by itself. 89.95 e, Zara.


I would buy: Esprit’s range of outerwear is often on my mind. In them, low-cost and time-resistant, trendy models go hand in hand. This winter, I got excited about the quilted vest and rode it on both the jog and the city. With a padded vest, any jacket will be a degree or a couple warmer and more stylish. It also works when thrown on exercise clothes after sports.

Esprit’s padded vests are suitably urban in design and color, but they can also be used for sports.

I would not buy: I would go elsewhere for pants shopping, as there don’t seem to be legs long enough for my long legs in the collection. Fortunately, ankle boots will save the situation.

One side of this reversible quilted vest is pale pastel in color, the other timeless beige. The polyester pad inside the top is recycled. 79.99 e, Esprit.

At its best, the quilted vest also covers the back, like this version with a large stitching pattern. This would be good for going to the city, but why not even dress for a stable in a riding style. Simple and wonderful! 99.99 e, Esprit.

Gina Tricot

I would buy: If I hunt all-cotton jeans, chain stores are often great stopping places. Designs, washes and colors are usually found comprehensively.

The Gina Tricot denim stand has a wide range of both classic and trendy options. I would invest in cotton jeans and make sure of this from the material information. I give a plus to the selection of long-legged jeans, for those looking for such.

I would not buy: I recommend knitting shelves in chain stores to go far. Of course, synthetic fiber knitwear has an affordable price, but the quality and therefore ecology is often non-existent.

The absolute advantage of anthracite gray, oversized full cotton jeans is their relaxation and comfort. The length of the leg can even be adjusted to suit the Fiskars scissors, as the wide legs are left unfinished. 59.99 e, Gina Tricot.

Medium blue bootcut-shaped jeans have made a return to the classic model. This model has a medium-high waist that flatters more bodies. Personally, I chose one-size-fits-all jeans to ensure a comfortable fit while sitting. 39.99 e, Gina Tricot.


I would buy: COS is known for its classic yet interesting clothes. Head here if I need a timeless white collared shirt with some trendy juju. There are models in the brand’s selection for both feminine and more masculine tastes: it is so oversized oversizedsizing than the more delicate lace collar model, short and long model.

Every piece of clothing in COS usually has some interesting trick, like a cut, collars, or buttons. The high-quality materials and timeless design are so good that these clothes last a long time: excellent value for money.

I would not buy: For sustainable jewelry shopping outside the chain stores. If you are specifically looking to find an affordable and fun trendy piece of jewelry, you can of course check out the jewelry shelves of chain stores. Otherwise, it is worth checking that the material is, for example, copper or silver that is more durable. Chain store jewelry should be removed for the night, sweating, swimming and showering, unless you want greenish or dark marks on your skin.

The collared shirt is a classic garment that can be worn when the housing crisis surprises you. This oversized collared shirt is a casual yet neat garment. In addition, the contrasting, brown turtle pattern buttons on the shirt pleased this model. 69 e, COS.

This poplin collared shirt was finished with feminine crochet details. The perfect alternative for more festive evenings. 79 e, COS.

Product images: manufacturers.