It will be busy tonight at the registration center in Ter Apel, but it is expected that there will be enough places to stay overnight to accommodate all those waiting. Some people are being accommodated elsewhere, a spokesperson for the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) told ANP news agency.

    “It looks like we can accommodate everyone tonight with the help of night shelters in Zuidbroek and Stadskanaal and available places in Ter Apel,” the spokesperson said. “We are working hard on that at the moment.”

    Last week it was announced that the Eurohal in Zuidbroek in Groningen will be an emergency shelter for up to five hundred people. The location will remain in use for six months, which can be extended by a maximum of six months. For some time now, the Zoutkamp in Groningen has also had a temporary ‘waiting room’ where people can stay for a few days until their asylum application is registered.

    The municipality of Aa en Hunze announced tonight that it could accommodate fifty asylum seekers in a location near Gieten. People can stay there from mid-October to December this year.