The heavy rain and multiple accidents led to the busiest morning rush hour this year on Thursday morning, reports the ANWB. At 08:25 there was a total of 972 kilometers of traffic jams. That is more than the previous record of this year, which was set on Tuesday, September 27 and stood at 925 kilometers. The busiest evening rush hour was earlier this month, on November 3, with more than 1,220 kilometers of traffic jams.

    Because people drive more carefully because of the heavy rain, the daily traffic jams are longer than usual. Added to that is the delay due to accidents. For example, on the A2 near Den Bosch and on the A27 near Werkendam in Brabant, the delay due to accidents is more than an hour.

    On Wednesday evening, the ANWB and Rijkswaterstaat already predicted that the combination of heavy rain and wind and a lot of traffic on the road – it is always busier on Tuesdays and Thursdays because more people work at the office – would lead to a heavy morning rush hour. Rijkswaterstaat therefore advised people to work from home where possible and otherwise avoid peak times. Thursday night is also expected ANWB a lot of traffic.