Busemann’s World Cup column: Leo Neugebauer – Diploma passed, with a lot of love and good humor

Status: 08/27/2023 00:45 a.m

He was in a good mood, he put him in a good mood, he was in a good mood: Leo Neugebauer took fifth place in the world championship decathlon with a comeback in a class of its own and an incredible 8,645 points. He passed his diploma for ARD athletics expert Frank Busemann. Let’s go to even bigger tasks!

Now I know why the decathletes are called the kings of athletes. It’s an ordeal, so it’s both a duty and a tradition to appreciate the two-day eventing test and to review it briefly. The abundance of disciplines and number of athletes actually prohibits it under novel length, but in times of social media one learns to keep it short.

So now the world championship decathlon in Budapest. Twelve athletes in the entry list came up with personal bests of more than 8,500 points. The new German record holder Leo Neugebauer was enthroned above all. Also present was the German European Champion and World Champion from 2019, Niklas Kaul. Fortunately, the German trio completed Manuel Eitel. A pleasing rate of 12.5 percent of the entire starting field with the federal eagle on the jersey.

The starting position was as exciting as it was hopeful. A medal within the realm of possibility, Germany was literally longing for it. And Neugebauer started like a… like a decathlete. If you entered Chat-GPT: “What does a decathlete look like?” Then, as a result, an image of Leo would be thrown out and written there: “So! And no different.”

In the long jump he jumped 7.83 meters in the first attempt and the whole world screamed: “Stop it! Enough! Save your strength!” But far from it. He wanted more, he got more and was rewarded for his bravery. 8.00 meters definitely sounds better than 7.83 meters. It’s also better, by the way. For the result list of the specialists, for the points and for the ego. That’s how he hit the ball. 17.04 meters. A giant. Who should stop him?

But everyone knows that the psyche plays a not inconsiderable role in these two days. That’s why it’s said that athletes as young as 25 have the class and maturity to weather the ups and downs of the decathlon. But with this idea of ​​this lightness, nothing and no one could actually interfere. Actually.

The night turns the ten into a fight

The lunch break was a first opportunity to reflect on this madness. And that wasn’t good. Kaul jumped really well and ended the entire decathlon too early with pain. Sh… But that’s decathlon too. Survival of the fittest. Whoever gets through has somehow won. Leo did high jump and 400 meters normally. What luck, one thought, he is a human being. No machine. A fun one with emotions, but the first three disciplines were inhuman.

Still, he went first into the night and that makes the ten a fight. The eleventh discipline, so to speak. The thoughts take on a life of their own. “I can win”, “continue like this”, “that was fun”, “I’m so excited”, nothing wild, but it’s haunting my head. Something, somehow, somewhere.

Comeback of the extra class

The next morning he steps into the hurdles and “screws up” the discus. Okay, 47 and a few crushed is a number for the average decathlete, but only mediocre for the chat GPT result. Now he was in the middle of his diploma exam. Sailing from veeery up to almost veeery down. But he caught himself. Jumped great with the staff, threw the javelin with the best effort and ran for his life. Fifth place overall. With an insane 8,645 points. In one of the toughest competitions in history. A comeback in a class of its own. He fought back on his own and showed that he is to be reckoned with in the future. Exactly such experiences you only have in decathlon, there you have something for life.

Leo, that’s a good mood

And he shared that with a lot of other people in the stadium. He was in a good mood, he made a good mood, he was in a good mood. The audience loved him and vice versa. That was his way of feeling good. Playing with emotions. Cheering before the bar, celebrating with friends, selfies with the fans. A very approachable athlete. He enriches the scene and he passed his diploma. Let’s go to even bigger tasks.