Buse Varol tagged and shared Alişan! The ice between them has melted

There are some developments between Alişan and Buse Varol, who have been on the agenda with divorce news for a long time. The last sharing of Buse Varol once again showed that the ice between her and Alişan has melted.

The news of separation often comes up for the marriage of Alişan and Buse Varol. The claim that there has been a resentment between them since the birthday organization of their daughter Eliz has been going on for weeks. Buse Varol avoided these allegations with her latest post by tagging Alişan.


Varol, who got into a toy car with his children and took a mirror selfie of these moments, also shared it on his Instagram story. Alişan also included this post of Varol, who wrote ‘there was no need, my dear’ and tagged his wife Alişan.

Both the emoji used by Varol and this sharing were interpreted as the disappearance of the problems between the couple.