Buse Varol shared, a surprise move came from Alişan

Singer Alişan and the mother of her two children, Buse Varol, have been on the agenda with divorce news for a while. Varol, who took off her wedding ring and said “The ring is not an indicator”, took a step back. The actress, who changed her image, posted her new image on Instagram. Alişan was not indifferent to the player’s sharing.

Buse Varol, who frequently changed her image, soon put her wedding ring on her finger again. The 31-year-old actress, who posed for her friend during her Bosphorus tour, did not neglect to share her photo with her followers.

Alişan did not remain indifferent to the photo of Buse Varol, which received about 130 thousand likes on social media. This move was interpreted as “The crisis in marriage is over”.

Alişan and Buse Varol got married in 2018. The famous couple, whose first child Burak was born in 2019, took their daughter Eliz in their arms in 2020.