Status: 20.09.2022 8:05 p.m

    Above all, the restrictions caused by the corona pandemic also hit Bundesliga club 1. FC Köln financially in the 2021/22 season. The club made a loss of 15.7 million euros.

    FC’s turnover last season was 148.4 million euros. A total of 85 million sales were lost due to the pandemic. This was announced by Managing Director Philipp Türoff on Tuesday evening at the general meeting. In the previous year, Cologne reported a loss of 3.9 million euros.

    “Of the 1. FC Cologne was one of the clubs that suffered particularly from Corona. The club is member-, fan- and audience-intensive – we have a large stadium that could not be filled. Accordingly, we lost revenue from unsold tickets, also in the area of ​​catering and merchandise. Significant restrictions still applied in the past year,” Türoff explained to WDR.

    Türoff: FC remains “financial restructuring case”

    The situation was very serious, but not as dramatic as earlier in the pandemic. Türoff emphasized that the club remained a “financial restructuring case”. The debts are high, the equity is almost gone.

    In important key points such as liquidity, licensing (without conditions) and the financial key figure “positive equity” the plan was fulfilled. “We have achieved that as a sick patient we go into recovery,” says Türoff. On June 30, 2022, the club reported equity of a good three million euros (previous year: 16.9 million), debt is 65.9 million euros (2.7 million less than in the previous year). Liquidity is secured in the short and medium term.

    Positive result planned for next year

    The remarkable sporting development could help put FC faster on a stable foundation. “Qualifying for the Conference League helps a lot. I didn’t expect Steffen Baumgart to take seventh place with this squad. I’m happy to take the money. But we don’t pretend that such an economic blessing will regularly overtake us,” said Dooroff.

    For the coming year, the plan is again with a positive result – provided that there are no extraordinary burdens, for example due to the exclusion of viewers.

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