The most original and classic dishes will be presented, with free admission, at the Good Morfa Fair on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 August at the Flea Market. The property, located in Arenal Conception Y General Enrique Martinezwill be the space occupied by more than thirty gastronomic stalls of the most varied tastes and prices.

    Suggested to attend with family and friends, the proposal focuses on tasting traditional and exotic dishes. smoked ribs, mollusks, ethnic food Y casseroles, are some of the gourmet options for the visitor. Of course, dessert is part of the offer with French-style pastries and different chocolates.

    Ethnic cuisine is part of the appeal, with stalls serving Korean cuisine from house sushi wakaifeijoada Roberthino Food and greek food panaggiotiesas well as the Jewish culinary culture of Moisha Bakery. Vegetarian and vegan food will be present with stalls “Mint&Lemon”.

    devised by the lawyer Marcelo Crivellimore than 10 years ago, the project was born in the context of social networks by creating the private group Good Morfa Social Club. This community of Facebookwith 76,800 users, actively participate in recommending dishes and recipes. Chefs, gastronomic journalists and cultural personalities offer their vision in the proposal of eating and savoring.

    Sharing artisan cuisine and regional flavors were also one of the ideals of the virtual community. The recognition of its members and the growth in the networks led Crivelli to organize the first fairs. Its genesis was in the restaurant warns, in 2020 and 2021, and this time, for the first time, in a public space with the support of the Department of Fairs and Markets of the City Government.

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