Buccellati: the Master in Goldsmith Arts starts

TObudding goldsmiths, there is room for you. Registration is open for the Master in Goldsmith Arts which opens in Milan thanks to the collaboration between Buccellati and the Ambrosian Goldsmith School: 4 specialization courses and, every six months, the six best talents will receive, in addition to a scholarship, an employment contract in one of the group’s ateliers.

Artisans at work in the Buccellati atelier.

The initiative was born, explains the president of the maison Andrea Buccellati, third generation of the family in the company, «for an investment in the future. Once upon a time we started by going to the shop. Today there are schools, but they are not enough by themselves. There is a need for more specific and comprehensive training. For us, the craftsman is an artist, everyone creates his own product which is different from that of the others». For excellence you need a highly specialized, passionate, tenacious workforce. You have to study, don’t give up, keep practicing. But it’s worth it if the goal is to become one of the 180 craftsmen of a maison that is a symbol of Italian luxury and high-end manufacturing in the world.

The problem is the historic mismatch between schools and businesses, that is, the gap between classroom training and the expectations of the world of work. The Buccellati Master in Goldsmith’s Arts was created to overcome this gap in the high jewelery sector and prepare young people (for those under 29) to enter the company directly. Luca Solari, owner with his brother Guido of the Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana, founded in 1995, explains precisely that «theThe goal of the School is to ensure that the new generations have the opportunity to carry out a profession that otherwise risks being lost. Today the bottleneck of the sector is precisely the lack of skilled manpower».

To enter Buccellati, selection in stages

For the Buccellati Master, the selection will take place in several stages: «We will do a first screening, through individual interviews» explains Solari. «The 30-50 selected profiles will attend a structured course, at the end of which, with a further selection, we will submit the 20-25 most interesting boys and girls to Buccellati. From here the 12 who will be able to follow the Master will come out, divided into two groups of 6. There are four courses: jewellery, chisel, engraving and setting under the microscope».

At the end, every year Buccellati will have 12 already trained boys and girls available who will be able to enter one of the four ateliers – Milan, Valbrona (Co), Bologna and Chiasso – or in a partner company, or in one of the others of the Richemont group of which Buccellati is a part. Who will join the group will have the reimbursement of the expenses of the Master. Whoever receives the scholarship and the contract will have a Master’s Diploma in Buccellati Goldsmith Arts and Ambrosian Goldsmith School. The others, if they complete the course anyway, will receive a special certificate from the Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana.