brunette vs. Jorge Rial: show, drama and serious complaints

It started as just another scandal. After his father suffered a heart attack in Colombia, Morena Rial She said she was in a fight with the driver. She said that Jorge Rial she had reproached him that his health problems were his fault, that he had cut off his rent and maid payments, and that he was canceling job opportunities. So far nothing new in a media family that always aired his privacy. However, this time the fight escalated and the limits were crossed so much that gossip is no longer distinguishable from what could be sensitive criminal complaints: child abuse, irregular adoptions, extortion and threats. As if that weren’t enough, every time he interceded louis venturathe young woman’s current ally, was to add mafia edging to the story.

“If something happens to me, there are people who have a lot of information. Go to the tire shop to see how many bolts they loosened last week. Ask him if they cut the tires on Brunette“, He launched Fortune in “A la tarde”, the cycle conducted by Karina Mazzocco. The day after the statement, the young woman suffered an accident with her car on General Paz avenue.

Facundo Ventura, son of the journalist, broke the news on the “Mañanísimas” program and maintained: “He tells me it was on purpose, that a car passed him and that after hitting it the driver did not stop even to ask him for the data.” own Morena RialHours later, he published on his networks: “I’m afraid something will happen to me.”

What is all this scandal really about? That is the big question. Some journalists related to Jorge Rial they reveal that the only intention of the young woman is to get money. There are those who put the starting point of this conflict in the days of the driver’s hospitalization in Colombia, when supposedly his daughter would have made delusional purchases with her credit card. That, say some, was the break. Brunette He denies those expenses and also does not know that he has anything to do with the money that, in theory, was missing from the safe that the former Intruders had in the hotel.

Yes ok Brunette He was the one who started the public conflict, with the passing of the days the exposure of his life seems to turn against him. On the same channel where they support and encourage her version, they accused her of being a thief and all the adults who surround her on the panels dig into details about her suicide attempt, her mistreatment and the mother’s story. biological of her

Brunette He responds to everything with sharp statements that immediately go viral. In the networks, the cuts about his public appearances oscillate between celebrating his ingenuity to bullying. Brunette it is food for wild beasts and no one in his family speaks. Silvia D’Auro limited himself to an enigmatic phrase in his WhatsApp stories (“the truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it”) and rial I travel to spain. “Nothing to say,” he replied to NEWS.

Adoption. In the early days of his television raid, Brunette focused on two issues: the physical and emotional abuse he suffered from D’Auro and the obstacles that his father put him in his adult life.

The accusations against D’Auro They have been known for years, but now he counted them Brunette in the first person and described macabre scenes. He recounted, for example, that one day the woman hit him so much that her hands swelled up and she had to cut off her wedding band. He also revealed that she repeated phrases like “I should have left you in that villa where I took you from,” and said she was considering filing a criminal complaint.

The journey of that dramatic story led her to tell what she knew about how her adoption was. Her story includes a series of details that do not cease to attract attention: her biological mother and D’Auro They met during the pregnancy and the woman came to settle in the house of the mother of Jorge Rial some time before giving birth.

How was that adoption process? It is not clear even in the account of Brunette nor in that of his biological mother, lily Luna, a low-income woman from Tucumán who also went on the air these days. Her story is shocking: she cries, she says she regrets having given her daughter, and she clarifies that she did it in an extreme situation and that she followed her life through magazines.

“She (D’Auro) longed to have a daughter. She was happy because she was going to adopt Brunette. But she made me a novel. She told me that her husband worked at I don’t know what, but she never told me that he was Jorge rial”, counted lily and added: “The adoption was not legal. I had her at the Naval Hospital, then she came. We went to the registry. Then they told me they were going to take me to court. I couldn’t breastfeed from her because if she did, she had to have her attached to me and she didn’t want her to get attached to her.”

Name tangle. Brunette acknowledges that his father had nothing to do with the mistreatment of D’Auro. However, he attacks him over and over again for putting obstacles in his development as an adult. And in the cascade of anecdotes that he recounts to hit the former Intruders they all fall.

He strongly questioned practically all of his father’s ex-partners, such as Agustina Kämpfer or Romina Pereiro. The journalist was the only one who picked up the gauntlet in her networks and said that, although she understood that the young woman had had a sad life, she was lying: “The time I lived with whoever my partner and his family was was very hard. I witnessed terrible, dangerous, threatening events. I don’t want to give details, that’s why I summarize: everything was contaminated. I did everything I could, tearing myself apart along the way, for trying to help,” she said.

The dimension of family conflicts reached a suicide attempt of Brunette and a stay in a psychiatric clinic. The young woman insists that it was a kind of isolation forced by her father so that she would not speak. And when she remembers those days she steps in the name of Natacha Jaitt.

Brunette She said that the media accompanied her, but also revealed that Facundo, her ex-partner and the father of her baby, would be involved in the controversial cause of pedophilia from the Independiente club that began due to complaints of Natasha. “I hope they haven’t deleted all the things he had on the tablet because many people would fall. Facu had to go to declare. I don’t really know what happened and I’m not getting involved,” said the young woman.

Morena repeated that if he speaks more, “many people go to jail.” In these two weeks, apparently, the only contact she had with her father was a message that the driver wrote to her: “Can I ask you a favor? don’t talk to me anymore Fortune. Block it, otherwise I’m going to get mad at you. I don’t want any more contact with that shitty person. Block him. He talks nonsense and involves you,” she wrote to him.

The chat was read on the air and Fortune He exploded with statements that went far beyond family history: “We forgot about the knife in the kidneys there at the pole. We forgot about when you came on the show saying you were going to put a bullet in Fort’s head. Let’s not talk about what you did with some co-workers”, he launched and continued: “When we took the selfie it was to promote a program on the radio of Christopher Lopez. We will have to see why they never touched Christopher Lopez. You know why? Because then we all went to work there.” And she escalated one more level: “Let him talk about the meetings with Lazaro Baez in his house, from the societies that came later. That’s what I can talk about. Brunette knows this and more, and very serious things,” the journalist concluded. The story will continue

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