Bruce Willis is said to suffer from dementia

The film director who worked with Bruce Willis spreads a worrying argument.

Bruce Willis in 2019. AOP

Actor Bruce Williksen66, rumors of memory problems have been circulating for some time.

Known as a successful actor, Willis has only starred in unknown low-budget films in recent years, which has sparked speculation more rapidly among fans.

As early as about a year ago, an anonymous source claimed Alright! magazine that Willis needed a special grant for what was described in 2019 Glass in the filming of the movie. According to the source, he did not remember his own turns, for example, and did not remember which direction he had to move.

Bruce Willis in 2020. AOP

Increasingly reliable sources

Now a Youtube channel RedLetterMedia brought the topic back to the surface among movie fans. The channel speculated whether Memory Problems would be the reason for focusing on small productions.

The video was commented on by a film director who worked with Willis Matt Eskandari, who has directed four low – budget films starring Willis. In the comments, Eskandari claimed that the rumors were true. He later deleted the comments.

– It is true. I worked with Willis on four film productions, so I know what I’m talking about. It’s sad to see a legend like Bruce Willis fade before your eyes. I saw it myself while working with him in recent years, one comment from Eskandar was heard.

Also a well-known Emmy-nominated film director Dan Przygoda claims on twitter that the rumors are true.

– Bruce Willis suffers from dementia today. He uses an earbud in the descriptions, to which all his turns are dictated to him. I have heard this from many people who have been in contact with him in recent years, Przygoda says.

Willis is said to focus more today on being with his family and children than on his career.

Willis or his family have not confirmed this.

Source: The New Zealand Herald