Brown hair: the “beurre brunette”, butter or ash brown

Dafter theexpensive brunettehairstylist Tom Smith brings to attention a new nuance, the beurre brunette: a natural, low maintenance brown, with a cold undertone that enhances every base and even makes the first gray strands less evident.

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Brown hair, the “beurre brunette”, butter brown (cold)

In fact, the coloring is characterized by delicate lightening of different intensities which are almost impalpable and allow three-dimensionality to be given to the hair.keeping it bright and dark at the same time.

The hairstylist Tom Smith, already the “inventor” of brown, nicknamed himexpensive brunette” he was born in “cowgirl copper”: butter brown is characterized by delicate lightening of varying intensity, almost always with a cold, impalpable undertone, which gives three-dimensionality to the hairkeeping it bright and dark at the same time.

The brown butter, or ash, on Emilia Clarke and Hailey Bieber

Beurre brunette, excellent solution for camouflaging gray hair

As explained by Smith a Glamor UK, this coloring does not turn to copper or blonde, but remains faithful to the darkest and most intense shades, creating cold lightening that allows a gradual shading of the hair.

Among the advantages of “beurre brunette” there is the ability to blend beautifully with natural gray hair: «It adds lightness and three-dimensionality to the hair, not covering but working in harmony with the natural changes of the hair» as stated by the expert.

Fundamental create a soft and delicate degradé effect, focusing on the lighter front locks around the face and making them less and less evident as you go up towards the roots. Thus avoiding the problem of regrowth.

Care and maintenance at home

Finally, color care at home is important products that preserve its brightness and prevent the color from changing.

How to do? The first step to maintain the color like at the hairdresser is to use gloss and toners which will avoid the appearance of red or orange shades. The home cleansing routine is also important, using care products that preserve the brightness of the cold color.