Beaming faces early Saturday morning with the residents of the flat on Griegstraat in Tilburg. The elevator in the complex, which broke down on Wednesday, is working again.

    “Due to all the publicity, it was decided to go to work last night,” explains Henk Kleuver of the Owners’ Association on Saturday morning. “After a few hours of work, it worked. The elevator is working again!”

    Towing to the apartment
    Residents have not been able to use the elevator for the past few days. This caused serious problems for several people. For example, Nanda, who lives on the fifth floor and is dependent on the elevator because of osteoarthritis, had to be hoisted ‘in a container’ to her apartment by the fire brigade.

    Joke had also been confined to his home, on the sixth floor, the past few days because of the broken elevator. Like Nanda, she has osteoarthritis and also weak knee joints. Fortunately, her relatives came to bring groceries, but she was forced to make her daily walk with her walker in the flat. “If I don’t do it for a day, I immediately have more complaints because of the osteoarthritis.”

    Great achievement
    Henk speaks of a relief now that the elevator has been repaired. “Say yes! Last night I immediately sent out a message saying that our elevator maintenance company has done a great job and that we can use the elevator again since this morning. Actually, the maintenance company would only come this morning and thought need them all day long for this.”

    Finally, the mechanics arrived at the apartment complex on Griegstraat around a quarter to twelve in the evening. According to him, the other residents did not notice much of the work. “It happened upstairs, on the roof and it was a bit of programming.”

    ‘More and more software was involved’
    According to Henk, the problem was in the elevator’s software. “More and more software was falling over. The problematic part could not be ordered new, because it is no longer made. It is such a separate part! But they did everything they could and still found something, second-hand. help us out temporarily. We immediately ordered a completely new control system for the elevator, but there is a delivery time of six weeks. So hopefully this part will last six weeks.”


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