Britt Dekker very uncomfortable after laughing at Gordon crying

Britt Dekker didn’t know what to do last night when her colleague Gordon was laughed at in the talk show Marcel & Gijs. She began to fiddle with her locks and neck.

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Normally, every talk show appearance by Britt Dekker is controversial, because she plays the TV type of a flapper and clumsy statements are part of it. Apparently she has come back from that after her failed performance at ‘Renze op Zondag’, because she was quite timid at the table with Marcel & Gijs last night.

Boring TV appearance

That performance at Renze Klamer at the end of last month really haunted Britt for weeks. She started arguing with Angela de Jong on live television and that had a devastating aftermath. From all sides people started shouting that she has long toes. Mark Koster even spoke of an ‘arrogant piece of shit’.

Britt’s first TV appearance since that gigantic media row was last night, at Marcel & Gijs. And there really was nothing talkative coming out of her mouth. Just something about her liking cold fries. Bore!

Laughing at Gordon

Britt looked very uncomfortable at one point when Marcel van Roosmalen started talking about Gordon’s TV crying fit. The entertainer was in some TV program by Simone Kleinsma last weekend. After a musical performance, he began to cry uncontrollably, because he was so impressed with his own abilities.

Marcel van Roosmalen: “There is now a fragment… Yes, I don’t know… I have watched this ten times. This is with the Classics program with Kleinsma. Gordon performed there and sang a Jacques Brel song. He was then taken care of by Simone Kleinsma and what happened then… Yes… I am still crying.”

Picking on neck

When the fragment of the crying Gordon starts, Marcel & Gijs’ studio starts to laugh unabashedly. When the clip ends and the talk show table comes back into view, Britt looks very uncomfortable. She fiddles with her hair and neck, which is natural body language for nervousness and discomfort.

The reason? It could just be that something happened behind the scenes between Britt and Gordon, because she betrayed him by gossiping about him with his arch enemy Angela de Jong. After that aforementioned TV appearance at Renze, she tried to placate Angela with something juice about Talpa and channel face Gordon.


Britt revealed to Angela that Gordon has been on the verge of starting a lawsuit about her columns in the AD several times. And that is of course grist to the mill of critics who have been accusing the entertainer of long toes for years…

Why did Britt tell Angela that at all? Yvonne Coldeweijer: “She just licked Angela’s ass.”