Britt Dekker refuses, no longer wants to film on location for SBS 6

In principle, Britt Dekker no longer runs programs on location for SBS 6. She wants to limit herself to studio recordings, because then she has to work less often. “That’s better.”

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TV stars receive staggering wages, but often hardly have to work. If you have a daily talk show, you still have to go to work every day, but if you have a weekly entertainment program, you only have to run a few days to be on the channel for the entire season. And SBS 6 star Britt Dekker really likes that.

Only in studio

Britt doesn’t want anything else anymore, because she also spends a lot of time on her horse hobby. She also participates in all kinds of competitions and occasionally becomes champion. “I actually only do studio programs, because then you can record the entire season in four days and then start driving, driving, driving.”

She received the horse George from Talpa. She continues in the talk show Van Roosmalen & Groenteman: “I saw George on a video and I thought: I really want this, because I could achieve my dreams with it. If you are Max Verstappen, you will not win with a Fiat.”


Britt came first on Saturday at the European Dressage Championships in Paris. “From the Iberian horses, so Portuguese, Spanish, Italian. Actually of that entire mountain. It’s a bit like this: in kickboxing you have weight classes and in equestrian sports you have all classes together, but also separate classes with separate breeds. So that was now.”

Will she also participate in the Olympic Games? “It is my dream, but next year is Paris and I won’t make it, but in 2028 there will be the Olympic Games in Los Angeles and I actually have to find a very good sponsor, a good horse, just stop with TV and then just drive.”

Every weekend

Is George not good enough then? “Well, he’s good, it’s just been so many years.”

Can’t she arrange another horse with Talpa? “I have a contract until 2026, so I don’t think I’ll get it yet random a horse as a Christmas present. I don’t think that will work.”