‘Britt Dekker practices a mean sport’

Marc-Marie Huijbregts states that Britt Dekker’s hobby does not really sit well with the Party for the Animals. “I think she does that mean sport. That is unnatural for horses.”


It’s no secret that Marc-Marie Huijbregts hates Britt Dekker. At the beginning of last year, the comedian called out that the presenter is very unkind in real life, she then called out that he is talentless and he was right again: “I think Britt immediately indicates that she is indeed not that nice.”

“Do you think that’s stupid?”

Now, more than a year later, Marc-Marie still seems to have feelings of annoyance for Britt. Colleague Isa Hoes brings her up in the latest episode of their podcast: “Britt Dekker once got a horse, didn’t she? As a contract negotiation?”

It remains silent. Isa: “Do you think that’s stupid?”

Marc-Marie: “No, she has to… That is great fun for her.”

Mean sports

Isa notices that the conversation falls completely silent as soon as she mentions Britt’s name. “I think that’s brilliant. She seems to drive very well. What a silence.”

Then Marc-Marie remarks that he finds the sport that Britt plays questionable. “Well, well… I think she does that mean sport, that she has her legs like that… Or legs, because horses have legs. That what Anky van Grunsven does. That is a bit unnatural for horses.”


Isa: “Oh, that they have to jump over things like that?”

Marc-Marie: “No, that is natural, but that they have to dance like this. What’s it called again? Dressage! The Party for the Animals thinks about this very differently, I believe. I don’t think they are very enthusiastic about that.”

Isa: “So not on Britt either.”

Marc-Marie: “On the party days you will not really see them all doing horse dressage during the break.”

Welfare of horses

The Party for the Animals advocates more restrictions when it comes to equestrian sports. “We must stop using restraints that cause pain and stress in training and dressage. Its use is now commonplace in equestrian sports.”

The party also finds the use of a horse bit questionable. “To be able to use a bit on horses, molars often have to be pulled.”


Britt with her horse: