Britt Dekker nailed to BLVD pillory: ‘So sour!’

Britt Dekker was pilloried in a pretty spicy way in RTL Boulevard last night. Eddy Zoëy’s autocue texts in particular do not lie. “She’s sour!”


If you’re being shaved, you have to sit still: more and more Dutch celebrities realize it, but Britt Dekker apparently still makes beginner mistakes after all these years. She has been quite raging on live television against one of her biggest critics, Angela de Jong, and that has turned against her quite a bit. People think she’s very picky.

Sour Brit

Eddy Zoëy touched on the riots around Britt last night RTL Boulevard and his autocue lyrics didn’t lie. It is inevitable that the presenter has also had quite a bit with the presenter. “Soon Britt Dekker. She stays angry at everything and everyone and spews her bile on social media,” it begins.

Britt tried to get a white foot with Angela by Talpa-juice to share, but that also failed. The AD shark just made this public. “Britt didn’t like that and that results in a book of sour social media posts from the Talpa star and we wonder a bit whether the presenter still has them all in a row.”

“So sensible?”

She is a hypocritical girl, says Eddy. “Live on TV it was recently seen that Britt finds it quite annoying when people write negatively about her, while she herself also has the necessary comments about her employer and her Talpa colleagues behind their backs. Britt bites off, but is all that really wise?

Voice-over Jeroen Kijk in de Vegte a little later: “What Britt does excel at, according to Angela, is gossiping. After the broadcast, Britt entrusts the columnist she is so afraid of with all confidential information about her employer.”

‘Tackled too hard!’

After the item, Eddy spins like a leaf on a tree. “Well, well, well. Rob, isn’t she being treated a bit too hard?”

Hilarious, says Rob Goossens: “Yes, ho, you say! What you just read!”

Eddy: “Of course she can’t help it that she doesn’t have a filter, can she?”

Rob: “Exactly that. She is being tackled at the moment, but she herself has sought the attack towards Angela de Jong at Renze and then has been so clumsy as to tell Angela things and not to say: ‘This is just between us.’ Then you can bet that Angela will take revenge by throwing it in public.”

Brit responds

Luuk Ikink also thinks that Britt was just trying to get a white foot. “She may have started that conversation to become friends, hoping that those columns will all be a little more positive in the future.

Britt says in a response: “I have to say I really liked Angela behind the scenes and Johan said I shouldn’t be an idiot hahaha and he is right that you have to be able to handle it. I take Johan’s advice that I shouldn’t complain like that.”

Has Britt finally seen the light? Very sensible, but a pity for the show media. Hopefully she’ll just keep snapping at kids who want to take a picture with her. Is there still some juice left…