“Britt Dekker is a TV veteran, knows very well who to suck up to”

Britt Dekker sees the foundations of her TV career falter now that more and more people see through her act. Critics think she’s smart. “She knows exactly who to suck up to.”

© William Rutten

She’s built an entire career around it: her act of naive, not too bright and ordinary girl who even ended up in showbiz. But now that she has been involved in the TV world for so long, Britt Dekker’s mask is slowly falling off. Fewer and fewer people believe her act, especially because she doesn’t seem very nice in real life and she swallows herself up with the TV power.

‘Don’t believe anyone!’

The feared media connoisseur Victor Vlam also pierces through it, he says in the podcast The Communicados. “Britt Dekker has a bit of an act in which she pretends to be very silly and naive. And that is something that has also made her great, and also makes it a bit unique in Dutch showbiz.”

That’s her image, he continues. “Just a normal girl from Purmerend who is very spontaneous and therefore comes across as very naive and silly. But it’s a bit of an act. As far as I’m concerned, that’s actually something that shouldn’t be discussed at all. Of course that’s an act guys, come on. Surely no one seriously believes that?”

TV veteran

Britt is just a TV veteran, according to Victor. “She has been on television almost non-stop since 2009. She has a television career of 14 years. And that’s really long. Just for comparison: Renze Klamer was still an intern in 2009 in the marketing and communication department of the EO. At that time, he had not even seen the inside of a television studio.”

He continues: “She has been walking around for that long. She really is a veteran. And everything in the world of television is just very political. It’s a bit of a snake pit, of course, where a lot of things are distributed based on favors. So if you manage to survive in that world for so long, it indicates that you are not naive and silly at all.”

Slimy Britt

Then you are in good hands, says Victor. “She knows exactly what they are doing, she knows exactly who to suck up to, and the people she might be able to tackle a bit because her boss just… Well, that they really like that those people are being dealt with. So she just knows these things very well.”

He continues: “The idea of ​​Britt just being a fap and being very spontaneous, that’s a fun act. It gives her a lot of attention and it sometimes makes her funny on talk shows. But she is very handy in being able to act behind the scenes, otherwise she wouldn’t have lasted 14 years.”

Here to stay?

The big question is: if it becomes clear that Britt is an act, can she still continue to participate in the TV world? “TV careers are very erratic and I think she certainly hasn’t quite proven herself yet, so the question is whether she will staying power has, so to speak.”

Britt has recently come under fire for showing off her long toes. She regretted that: “Johan Derksen said that I shouldn’t be an idiot hahaha and he is right that you should be able to handle it. I take Johan’s advice that I shouldn’t complain like that.”