Britney Spears attracts attention with knife dance

Just on Sunday (September 24th) Britney Spears surprised everyone with an Instagram video in which she dances on a pole in a pink bikini. Now she’s causing a stir again with a new video clip: she dances around wildly with two huge knives and does one pirouette after the other.

According to US media, the post was initially unlabeled before Spears added text in the video description. “I played with knives in the kitchen today,” the text says. “Don’t worry, they aren’t real knives. It’s almost Halloween.” There were also a lot of emojis.

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The 41-year-old has deactivated the Instagram comments, but fans are expressing their concerns about the bizarre video on other social media. On X (formerly Twitter), fans share their concerns and suspicions that her mental state has deteriorated. “This is disturbing, can someone please intervene? She is a danger to herself and others. Britney, please get help!” writes one person.

The video follows a documentary that revealed the singer sleeps with a knife under her bed for fear of being taken back into “mental captivity.” There are also rumors that there was a physical attack on her husband Sam Asghari at the beginning of the year. However, these have not been confirmed.