British singer caught in the middle of transphobia – JK Rowling supports

Macy Gray’s comments divided opinion among Twitter users.

The Grammy-awarded singer, who came to the public’s attention in the 1990s, has released several platinum hits. Juha Metso

From his 1999 hit I Try a well-known British singer Macy Gray has come under fire after making transphobic comments Piers Morgan in a television interview on Monday, news entertainment magazine Metro.

The uproar was caused by a situation in which host Morgan claimed that people are too afraid these days to say what they think a woman is like.

– I know! Gray answered this.

Next, Morgan asked Gray exactly that question and asked him to tell about his female image.

– I would say a person with tits. That’s where you have to start. And the vagina! Gray stated.

The comments caused a storm on social media. Some of the Twitter people defended the singer, but among the disappointed were also the star’s fans.

– Am I a woman only because of my body parts? Are we limited to that? one enraged fan quipped.

– This is really deep. There’s all kinds of things going on in the world right now and Macy Gray is choosing to use her platform to speak up and invalidate people who are already oppressed, another wrote.

Likewise, the Harry Potter author who caused a stir in recent years with his transphobic comments JK Rowling reacted to Gray’s statements immediately on Twitter.

– This feels like a good day to make sure I’ve bought Macy Gray’s entire production catalog, the author tweeted.

Rowling has been posting transphobic tweets since 2020, and she hasn’t backed down from her comments. Several of the actors who became famous from the Harry Potter film series, such as the one who played the title role Daniel Radcliffehave publicly distanced themselves from the author with the transphobia uproar.